Contoh Kata Pengantar Laporan Prakerin (Praktek Kerja Industri) Dalam Bhs.Inggris

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Assalamu Wr. Wb.

With the offer praise and gratitude to Allah SWT, and prayers and greetings to Prophet Muhammad, the author can finish Practice Activities Industry (PRAKERIN) as well as a final report Titled Agribusiness Crop Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) at PT. East West Seed Farm Lembang West Java, Indonesia.Writing report is intended to satisfy one of the requirements the National Examination and Final Examination School Year 2013 At Skills Program Agribusiness Food Crops and Horticulture Development in Vocational Agriculture Affairs Sumedang. The authors recognize that the report is not separated from the guidance, encouragement and support from other parties. For it was on this occasion the author would like to express sincere gratitude to:

1.      Mr. Drs. Uu Mulyana, MM., As Head of Agriculture Development Vocational School District Sumedang.

2.      Mr. Tri Andoyo as Farm coordinator, who is given permission to carry out the Industrial Practice.

3.      Mr. Dede Sulaeman, SP, who have been willing to internal mentors who always encourage and counsel during the course of Industrial Practice.

4.      Karti mother Kartini, SP, As chairman of the committee activities Industrial Work Practices (PRAKERIN).


5.      Author family, father, mother, brother, and the whole family that never stops giving do `a sincere, encouragement, support and motivation, both morale and material.

6.      Father / Mother Teacher And all administrative staff Menenagah Vocational School District Agriculture Development Sumedang.

7.      Mr. M. Aris Prasetyo as Crop Product Development Leader Suport.

8.      All employees at the Farm Lembang, especially in Crop PDS (Mrs. Yeni, A'Dede, sir Emprew, Mr. Nana) thank you for directing and guiding the activities of Practice for Industrial Work in progress.

9.      Family Mr. Budi Asep R. And Iis mother who had given shelter.

10.  The other party can not mention one by one.

The author realizes that the writing of Practice Activity Report The industry is still far from perfect, so the criticism and constructive suggestions for improvement in the report is expected. The authors hope that this report is useful for writers as well as the reading and science in particular.

Sumedang,     December 2012



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